Our mission is to be free of plastic packaging

Our none plastic products

Eco-frendly no plastic

It is our mission to provide to people quality supplements from sustainable sources where respect to nature is in first place. Therefore, we at JúJú select our providers of all elements carefully in every way. You will find that we are not only selecting quality ingredients, but also making sure that the packaging of your product is done in as environmentally friendly manner as possible.

Icelandic production environment

Iceland natural 

Icelandic nature has an abundance of natural sources that the locals have been harvesting from for centuries. First our ancestors, the Vikings, but now increasingly the young and innovative. The most common supplement that Icelanders have utilised is cod liver oil.
As well as offering product made of cod liver oil JúJú offers collagen, seaweed and sea cucumber, sourced wild from our clean ocean and sea shores.

I have almost lost all my vision at age of 97 but recently I started using Cod Liver Oil on daily basis and it has helped in many ways. My eyesight is getting a little better. I use liquid Cod Liver Oil as I did as a child 100 years ago.


I use Icelandic marine collagen in my morning Bulletproof coffee. To my surprise it melts completely to the drink and the texture is as smooth and nice as usual. I totally recommend it and I enjoy it even more knowing that it comes from sustainable Icelandic cod fish.


JúJú is proud to be able to offer people plastic free supplement products and help reduce plastic waste generated on a daily basis and help people reduce their impact when it comes to plastic use. An enormous amount of disposable plastic ends up in landfills or in our oceans, which is an environmental crisis. All plastic that has ever been made in the world up until now still exists and does not biodegrade (with the exception of incinerated plastics). Plastic simply breaks down into smaller pieces, much of it ending up as microplastics, which have a detrimental effect on the world’s ecosystems and all living organisms, including humans. We still don’t know the full effect of the damage that microplastics cause.

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