JúJú plastic free mission

JúJú is a Icelandic company founded in Reykjavik, the capital. We specialise in environmentally friendly packaging of whole food health supplements derived from our country’s purest resources.
Iceland is known for its pristine environment, boasting some of the cleanest water and air in the world, making it ideal for nutrient-rich food sources to flourish. It is our mission to provide quality supplements from our sustainable sources, where respect for nature is part of our DNA.
At JúJú, we select our suppliers carefully. Quality ingredients and eco friendly packaging is our mantra.
Iceland is known to be one of the healthiest nations in the world. Icelanders are strong advocates for protection of the environment and living a healthy lifestyle. We at JúJú are proud to share our nations values with you.

JúJú eco-packaging. Outer packaging of our products we use recyclable cardboard tub. Inside the recyclable cardboard tube the product is packed in an environmentally friendly composable protective bag that is produced form plant base. It can be industrially composted and meets all international standards for compostability. Suitable for home composting and will typically biodegrade in just a few weeks in a home compost bin, depending on the conditions. The main raw material used in the production of these compostable films is dissolving wood pulp, typically sourced from hard wood species such as eucalyptus. This bag leaves no visible, distinguishable, or toxic residue.

At JúJú we remain committed to preserving the source of our ingredients, our natural environment. This means taking responsibility for shaping a more sustainable planet. Our product development decisions extend beyond our formulations and encompass all the materials we use to get our products to you in good conscience. Our supplements are sealed in cello bag wraps produced from plant base and packaged within 100% recyclable Kraft paper tubes. These materials have a naturally smaller carbon footprint to provide a non-toxic alternative to the billions of dreaded plastic bags that are typically thrown out to our landfills or incinerated each year.

Transparency is Not Just a Cello Bag,
it’s Our Practice

It is the frequent choices we often don’t think about that reach beyond our daily consumption decisions. This is why we have chosen to cut out plastic from our packaging as much as possible. Such material relies on high-heat, energy-demanding practices that often result in unwanted by-products, including fossil fuel emissions, which impact both our health and the environment. Eliminating the use of plastics also means we are keeping toxic waste out of the landfill where they would remain past our lifetime.

Plant-Based Cello Bags Cello – stands for cellulose, the structural component of plants. Unlike other conventional synthetic bags largely made from petroleum that breakdown into toxic contaminants, our cello bags are derived from the cellulose of FSC-certified wood pulp. Not only are our cello bags plant-based, but they are also 100% vegan and exclusively sourced from well-managed resources including the PEFC. Additionally, our cello bags meet all international standards for composability and are certified Home and Industrial biodegradable.

Your job: simply compost. Eco Food Packaging Our cello bags meet all FDA requirements for food contact and are devoid of toxic elements like BPA’s, making them the perfect option for storing supplements. Additionally, they are strong enough to resist grease, oils and moisture. The structural integrity of our bags is completely preserved for its entire shelf life. The bags will naturally biodegrade within weeks in contact with earth’s elements, just as leaves and plants do, leaving no trace of harmful or toxic residue.